CAUBE.AU was established to express the views of Australians who are opposed to the advertising tactics that are commonly referred to as email spam. Spam is becoming increasingly unpopular with consumers, whether it originates from unknown or known senders. CAUBE.AU is a grassroots, all-volunteer organization dedicated to removing spam from electronic mail boxes, with a particular focus on Australia’s involvement in spam prevention. We achieve these goals through community education programs, our website, which serves as a central repository for spam information in Australia, and by advising the government on how to best address the spam problem.

We were involved in a number of activities that improved Australia’s regulatory situation, including activities leading up to the enactment of the Spam Act 2003, consultations on the best practice model for electronic commerce, Parliamentary committee inquiries, and the development of industry codes.

Recognizing that the current trends in spam volumes plainly illustrate that spam is a serious threat to the value of electronic communication, the Australian Government and Parliament passed the Spam Bill 2003 in December 2003 to outlaw most spam. This highlights the fact that, by its very nature, the spam problem cannot be remedied without spam regulation. The Spam Act 2003 (Cth) makes the vast majority of spam illegal.

While we believe that regulation is crucial for consumer protection, we also believe that education plays an important role. While education cannot solve the problem of unrepentant spammers who would gladly damage the Internet for a few dollars in change, there are many who spam because they are unaware of the harmful nature of that form of advertising. When presented with a logical and balanced depiction of the facts, we believe that many of these people will agree that spam is an inexcusably immoral means of promoting their products.